Women make their mark in industry

THE Fiji Women in Maritime Association (FIMA) concluded their second annual general meeting with the appointment newly-elected executives for the 2018-2019 term.

Association president Jane Koi said the association was formed in 2015 and was still ” work in progress”.

“We’re trying to get our footing right and get more awareness for the work that we do,” she said following the announcement.

The newly-elected executives for 2018-2019 term are:

* President Jane Koi;

* Vice-president Captain Susana Balekana;

* Treasurer Jeanette Rama;

* Secretary Michelle Rama;

* Public relations and communications officer Nanise Kabakoro;

* Executive member Asena Sitela;

* Executive member Ashika Chand;

* Legal adviser Mavis Joseph-Logavatu; and

* MSAF representative Anaseini Tukana

The objective of the association is to promote gender equality in a male-dominated field within the maritime sector, ceate a network to educate and empower women in maritime sector and enabling their contribution to the development of the industry in the region.

It will also create awareness among young women of career prospects in the maritime sector.

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