Women lessen dependency on sea

Women of Nakawaga, Vesi and Ligaulevu with their handicrafts after following their craft show at Ligaulevu yesterday. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

WOMEN of Kia in Macuata are resorting to other income generating projects to lessen their dependence on fishing and revive fish stocks.

Karalaini Naqera, 65, said women were now resorting to the sale of handicrafts to put food on their table.

Ms Naqera said that from awareness done for villagers by conservation groups, they were aware of the grave reality that faced fish stocks in waters around the country.

“We know that we are a very small portion of the population when compared to the people who are depending on the fishing industry, but we are proud to be doing what we can to address the issue,” she said.

“The women’s groups in the villages of Ligaulevu, Nakawaga and Vesi meet annually to host their own show where we showcase our handicrafts.

“Since we do not have arable farming land on this small island, we have always depended on the sea as a means of revenue generation.

“Women on the island have decided to do what they could to lessen our dependency on marine resources and give them a chance to grow.”

Another villager, Maciu Kosovi, said men were resorting to farming crops which grew well on the island such as yams, with the intention of growing it on a large scale to be sold for revenue.

Meanwhile, speaking during the Mali Island Agriculture show, Mali district representative Seru Moce said the support from villagers to conserve marine resources was encouraging.