Women in politics

ONE of the country’s prominent women leaders, Save the Children (SC) Fiji chief executive officer, Iris Low-McKenzie, believes women are capable of being involved in politics.

Ms Low-McKenzie said women had a role to play in politics and if they had the interest, confidence and support to do so, they should go for it.

“Women should be encouraged to do so. Following the elections in Fiji in 2014, women’s representation in Parliament is 14 per cent which is an increase from 11 per cent in 2006, so we are seeing more women in politics and I am sure this will continue to increase,” Ms Low-McKenzie said.

She said there were some barriers that hindered women’s progress in the political arena in the country.

“The perception of women as leaders. Often, when you ask someone who they consider a good leader, the first person that comes to mind is a man,” she said.

“So the perception that women do not make good leaders is one barrier and so the more women we have in leadership roles, the more experience and confidence they will have being in politics.”


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