Women help in village development projects

Women of Cakaudrove Vanua district celebrate their special gathering at Vunikura Village. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THE role of women of Cakaudrove Vanua district has strengthened as they shoulder village development obligations.

Their commitment was evident yesterday after they raised $960 for an annual general meeting at Vunikura Village.

The group’s head Maca Shaw said members had become income earners in their families.

“Women’s understanding about their roles as wives, mothers and contributors to development projects has deepened,” she said.

“And it has empowered them to widen their income earning opportunities even at village level.

“In this district, we have seven villages and they all produce traditional artefacts including virgin coconut oil and body balm made from coconut.

“This is a huge step for these women because they sell the products from their villages.”

In visiting the women’s groups of various villages over past years, Mrs Shaw said many members had helped their families improve livelihoods.

They have better houses, their children are educated and in school, and as a result we see an organised village.

“When women can keep their families together and help and care for one another in the community, they can do wonders.

“Every year in this district women are able to achieve their financial targets towards the province and this is great testimony of dedication and commitment.”

The women travelled from as far as Nakobo and Bagasau villages to attend the event.

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