Women aid in weather watch

12 women from the region were trained radio broadcasting skills to effectively communicate weather watch news at community level. Picture: LICE MOVONO

WOMEN are leaders and in times of disaster they often know where the best interventions should be made.

In terms of natural disaster, using women can aid in preparations for disaster as well as be an effective part of planning for the relief and response.

FemLinkPacific director Sharon Rolls this was evident in the past decade of its Women’s Weather Watch Programme.

The Women’s Weather Watch uses a grassroots network to inform women of impending disaster as well as keep them updated of disaster response.

Ms Rolls said the programme had gained the working partnership and respect of both the governments weather agencies as well as mainstream media.

FemLink Pacific has a community radio station which is utilised by the organisations various womens networks.

Ms Rolls made the comments today at a regional training for 12 PacificĀ  participants of its community media network.

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