Woman ‘yet to receive food ration’

Makereta Vulacabe feeds her son at their home in Nadali,Nausori. Picture: SUPPLIED

Families in Nadali Village, Nausori, a COVID-19 hotspot, claim they were running out of food.

One resident, Makereta Vulacabe claimed her family was yet to receive food rations promised last Friday.

She also claimed it was difficult to keep their homes clean because they were “chased inside the house” by authorities while attempting to sun out beddings a few days ago.

“My husband did some shopping last week and we have been surviving on that but are running low now,” she said.

“And we can’t clean our homes properly because we have been told to stay in the house,and only one person can go out to the farm to get root crops.

We decided to put a rope across our driveway to stop people from coming anywhere near our house.”

Ms Vulacabe said there four checkpoints in Nadali manned around the clock by police and no movement was allowed into, out of or within the containment area.

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