Woman takes lead role

TABIANG Village is the first community on Rabi Island to employ a woman as their leader.

In an interview, Tabiang chairwoman Taugare Ruata said this was a golden opportunity for her in proving that women were just as capable as men in leading a community.

“More than half of the village had voted for me in the election last year and so far, developments have been going well,” Ms Ruata said.

“During the past year, the village now has a generator, and I have also been requesting for aid for a consistent source of electricity for the village apart from other projects that we are working on.

“This is all in the attempt to better equip our village so we can raise the standard of living for our people.”

Ms Ruata said the past year had not been an easy journey for her being the first woman leader in a community on their island.

“This is a totally new thing on the island and some have been opposing me in this regard saying it was not customary for women to lead a community.

“I have been working hard to show that we can lead and the opposition has receded in the past few months.

“We are now working together as a community to develop it and move forward.”

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