Woman ponders bleak future

SIXTY-five-year-old Laisani Koronawa had to be carried to safety as floodwaters rose around her home at Lovu Settlement in Lautoka last week.

Bedridden after suffering a stroke six years ago, Ms Koronawa was carried while on her beddings to Lovu Sangam Primary School under heavy downpour to avoid the flood.

“My house was completely inundated with floodwaters,” she said.

“The water rose so fast so my sister had to call for help because she couldn’t carry me on her own.

“Some of our neighbours came to our help and they helped carry me to safety.”

She said after the cyclone, her sister, Asilika Tinai, 59, informed her that their home was still underwater.

“A lot of our belongings got damaged, soaked and spoiled by the mud or silt left behind by the flood.

“My sister and I live with my nephew and from what we have seen, it will take a while for us to recover.”

She said this was not the first disaster that they had come across.

“My first house was destroyed by (TC) Winston.

“I’m still trying to rebuild my house when this happened again.”

She said the sisters survived on government assistance.

“We don’t have a stable income and we get by with what we can get from our allowance.

“My main concern is my house as I’m still trying to rebuild after Winston.

“We have a lot more rain and cyclones coming now and I’m worried that I will not be able to finish my house.”

Ms Koronawa was among the hundreds of residents from settlements in the outskirts of Lautoka sheltered at evacuation centres during Severe TC Keni.

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