Witness to life and death

Tagiyaca Vakaloloma at her station. Picture: SUPPLIED

VERY day for the past 17 years Tagiyaca Vakaloloma looks forward to being the “first witness to life.”

The first witness to life is a term used by the staff of the Colonial War Memorial Hospital’s Maternity Unit, that assist in the successful delivery of a baby.

Ms Vakaloloma started her nursing career in 1993 and provided the support staff for mainly the general outpatient department before joining the Maternity ward in 2001.

“I have been a nurse for over 20 years and I must say I have experienced the best and worst, but that’s what we sign up for,” she said.

The Fiji Times caught up with Ms Vakaloloma on Christmas Day, who was the overall supervisor of the Maternity Ward with her dedicated team of seven staff nurses.

She said she has spent more Christmas at the hospital then with her own family.

“Its always a blessing to work on Christmas, especially to help deliver the baby born on Christmas Day.

“Being a witness to life is a big thing for us, because the moment you hear that baby cry, there is this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction that you can’t find the words to describe our happiness.

“The baby’s cry is a sign of life and an experience we always cherish,” added Ms Vakaloloma.

However, she added during her 17 years stint at the Maternity Ward, there have been cases when the unfortunate happens.

“Some of us are really affected when the baby don’t cry and worse of all lose the baby. We often go home and some times this affects our relationship at home with our own families.

“But we are grateful that we now have alot of support structure provided to help us like counseling, it takes some time to recover but it has worked,” said the mother of three.

So to Ms Vakaloloma, all nurses and all medical professionals may you all have a blessed 2019

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