Witness tells of fuel for fire

Update: 7:25PM ONE of the witnesses in the trial of a man who allegedly killed his wife by setting her on fire today informed court that she saw the man rubbing some form of liquid on his wife’s hair and back.

Venktesh Goundar who is charged with one count of murder is standing trial before High Court judge Justice Salesi Temo.

The alleged incident took place on April 2015.

The witness Sheetal Devi said she was going pass the accused and his wife when she overheard their conversation.

She said she allegedly heard the accused asking his wife as to why she was not coming home.

Ms Devi said she allegedly heard the accused questioning his wife as to whether she was having extra marital affair.

She said after asking those questions,the accused’s wife turned and asked him as to what he was doing.

Ms Devi said she saw the accused taking out a lighter and lighted his wife’s clothes.

She said the accused fell to the ground because his wife grabbed his hand.

The witness said the woman was still alive when she later rushed to the hospital but she was in a very serious condition. The trial continues tomorrow.

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