Winston’s reminder

Of all the struggles, of all the sadness, of all the heartache and of all the devastation, Winston has come to remind us of several things. The one thing that stands out for me here in paradise Savusavu is the quality time we’re getting with family.

Without power there is no TV, no internet, no light, no movement and no music! To sit and talk to each other face to face for long periods of time is heart-warming! To clearly understand each other is such a joy! The realisation of how technology and entertainment has robbed us of this quality of life is scary! We have allowed things around us to mould and shape us. We’ve been lured into a part of this so called progress which controls us. We have basically become a product of our environment.

I believe it is extremely important for us to choose carefully the environment in which is best to develop our family relationships. We need to carefully analyse our life and ask ourselves if the things around us is aiding family success.

Basically, we make the world we live in and we sure shape our own environment. Thank you Winston for that reminder.

Simon Hazelman


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