Winston wins

WINSTON Hill dedicated his win against St Lucia’s Lyndel Marcellin in the men’s 69 kilogram boxing bout, saying “If my win can give you a moment of happiness, then I am going for gold.”

He said this after he beat Marcellin who competed in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and also competed twice in the world championship.

Winston made the comment because of the cyclone affecting Fiji.

“I hoped that the match was televised live in Fiji because our country is going under a lot of problems. I dedicate the win to those at home and I am going to work hard, research my next opponent thoroughly and set a good game plan.

“For all the people of Fiji and my three little kajis, I am going to work hard and come out with a win.

“I am here for the gold, and if it is not going to be that, what is it going to be?

Winston started the three rounds by soaking in a few punches from his opponent who is also 24 years old.

He held his guard up well, denying Marcellin from landing punches on his head.

But the shorter Fijian took advantage if his size to work on the body and mid-section of Marcellin and some jabs on the jaw.

Winston, a southpaw and an Olympian and Pacific Games 2015 silver medallist, gained points as the round continued.

He won the first round 10-9, lost the second 9-10, and wrapped up the bout with some of his best punches.

He was the crowd favourite, sparingly using his energy and punches to connect some good jabs and punches on Marcellin.

Winston will meet Scotland’s Stephen Newns next week in his second fight.

“My confidence built when the fight continued. I went toe to toe with him as my natural instinct sunk in because that’s how you drew in your opponent. It was a good start.

“It shook off the cobwebs but the crowd was a bit of a shock,” Winston said.

His coach Napoleon Taumoepeau is not celebrating yet.

“It felt like he was tired probably because of the nerves.

“He was a bit nervous, but he worked hard.

“For us sky is the limit and we are sad with what’s happening at home compared to the nice conditions we are enjoying here. We will fight for all Fijians and win.”

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