Winston flash back

It has been about seven months since Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston struck Fiji, however, I would like to flashback on reports and experiences faced from then until today.

Even though the people who have been directly affected have suffered a huge amount of loss and pain, however, I am truly grateful reading and hearing tales of Winston from them with regard to resilience.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that Severe TC Winston might have taken lives, houses, schools, farms and so forth, it was not able to take away the livelihood of the people of Fiji which is the land (vanua) and the sea (qoliqoli).

We are now fast approaching another hurricane season and the Government is praying and crossing its fingers that no cyclone should come our way for if another Winston strikes, I am sure that our economy will definitely run aground.

The fact is folks that with the human activities through developments putting such strain on the natural functions of the Earth, disasters are inevitable and it will be getting stronger and stronger, therefore, the only chance in rising again after one strikes is to have our vanua (land) and qoliqoli (sea) preserved and protected for these are sources of our livelihood which disasters cannot take away and money can’t provide.

I, therefore, strongly urge our leadership not dare take away the vanua and qoliqoli through mining and deforestation in the name of development because that would be the end of the Fijian people let alone cyclones and other natural disasters.

Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane

Naitonitoni, Navua

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