Winning formula

FIJI’s X-factors in the Rugby League World Cup is the “brotherhood” of its players and the faith of the team.

Vodafone Fiji Bati strengthening and conditioning coach, Mick Reid said these two factors placed Fiji above any other team.

“That is the unique thing that we have got —— the brotherhood, I have represented a lot of other teams and they don’t have this.

“I get pretty emotional about this … they have a team spirit that I have not seen anywhere else,” Reid said.

“Every morning and every evening we have devotions and this definitely is an X-factor which brings us together as a unit.

“We don’t have an us or them, it’s ‘we are all’ or as we say the brotherhood, a family.”

Reid bought wristbands, which have the words confidence, relentlessness, discipline, faith and brotherhood for the players.

Reid’s responsibilities include monitoring players’ performance on and off the field.

“Because of the long RLWC campaign, he said keeping a balance would be critical for all players.

However, he is also known as the judge and jury for players who violate team rules.

“Players are made to do extra workouts if they are late, for example.

“This week, players brought back a ‘ritual’ from the 2013 Rugby League World Cup where the latecomer or the person who broke team rules would be made to wear a pink swimsuit during training.

Rookie Joe Lovodua donned the suit last Thursday during training complete with pink head and wristbands during training.

Fiji plays Wales tonight at 9.40pm at the 1300Smiles Stadium in Townsville.

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