Win $15,000 worth of prizes

TANG fruit flavoured drinks which have been in existence since 1959 continues to be the favourite drink of choice for billions of customers across the globe.

Originally formulated by General Foods Corporation food scientist William A. Mitchell, the Tang brand is owned by Mondelz International and marketed in powdered form internationally.

Packed with essential vitamins, Tang comes in various fruity flavours so every member of the family can enjoy his or her favourite flavour without much of a fuss.

Loved and enjoyed by adults and children alike, Tang is undoubtedly one of the best gifts to mankind.

In a latest consumer promotion, the team behind Tang in Fiji are giving away more than $15,000 worth of Sony products as prizes.

“We have combined two world-renowned brands — Tang and Sony to give something great back to our loyal customers,” said Motibhai Group marketing manager Abraham Gomes.

“We have 10 pieces each to give away from the three different prizes. The first prize is a Sony high power portable audio system with bluetooth features while the second prize is a Sony portable wireless bluetooth speaker.”

He said the third prize is a Sony extra bass headphone.

“So in total we have thirty different prizes — 10 pieces for each of the three categories — isn’t that cool?,” he said.

Customers who wish to participate in the Tang promotion launched on January 15 can get more information from in-store posters and advertisements in The Fiji Times.

“We take this opportunity to encourage all customers to try their luck on this great promotion,” said Mr Gomes.

Going down memory lane, Tang was used by earlier NASA manned space flights. In 1962, when Mercury astronaut John Glenn conducted eating experiments in orbit, Tang was selected for the menu.

It was also used during some Gemini flights which created an early perception that Tang was developed only for use by astronauts.

“You don’t need to be an astronaut or a rocket scientist to enjoy Tang — thanks to its great taste and international distribution network which means Tang is available everywhere and to everyone,” he said.

“We all have grown enjoying Tang and the brand continues to be loved by everyone, children and adults alike.

Tang continues to introduce new and exciting flavours as and when required.

With real fruit extracts and essential vitamins, Tang comes in various packs and sizes to make it easily accessible to customers.”

Tang is distributed in Fiji by Motibhai Group — touching your lives with quality products.

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