Will of Fijian voters

THE co-leaders of the Multinational Observer Group arrived in Fiji on Saturday night.And they have made it clear that they are here to assess that the outcome of the general election represents the will of the Fijian voters.

Former Australian parliamentarian Peter Reith and Wahid Supriyadi of Indonesia are heading the MOG.

“We have a specific job to do. We are not commentators on politics. We are more interested in the manner in which the election is run and we are very interested to hear what the people have got to say about that,” said Mr Reith.

“As observers we are not running the elections, we want to know what’s happening. We want to make significant efforts to get around and hear people say what they want to say. We are observers and we are keen to hear what anybody might have to say.

“We have not seen any evidence of fraud or corruption. It’s not to say we are not listening. We are listening and we continue to do so through the process so if anybody has any concerns they should raise it with us.”

Mr Reith said the MOG had raised several issues with the Fijian Elections Office and they would be raised in their report.

“We have been asked to do a professional job getting the people of Fiji a fair and objective assessment of how the process has been undertaken. We treat that as a very crucial and important obligation that we have and we have it with the consent, approval and initiative of the government,” he added.

Mr Supriyadi said they were happy the MOG could move around and do their work freely.