Wife shares daily struggles

51 year old Bimla Wati at her home in Raiwaqa. Mrs Bimla Wati shares her families story about their everyday struggle. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

“SOMETIMES my husband and I have to fast so our son can eat because we don’t have any food.”

This was the story relayed by Bimla Wati about her daily struggles in an interview with this newspaper while seated on the porch of her one-bedroom tin shack home at Wailea settlement in Vatuwaqa, Suva yesterday.

Ms Wati’s husband, Rajendra Prasad, is the sole breadwinner in their family earning only $70 a week from cutting grass in the nearby communities. She said this money was usually used on buying food for their daily survival.

Apart from this, the family also survive on the monthly $50 food voucher and $70 allowance through the Social Welfare assistance.

With the Social Welfare assistance, Ms Wati said she would use the $50 food voucher to buy basic food items such as sugar, rice, flour and oil in bulks, while the $70 allowance would be used on paying their utility bills and cater for her husband’s transportation to the hospital as he was sickly.

“Here it is very difficult,” she said.

“My husband does not cut grass daily. It depends on the weather.

“It’s very hard to survive. Sometimes we have to drink tea and rice or whatever we have we will have to feed our 16-year-old son first.

“Sometimes we have to sacrifice the food so our son can eat and we can go without food.”

Ms Wati said during these times, she and her husband would just wait what the next day had for them.

“For two weeks now, my husband has not been able to go and cut the grass because of the weather.

“We are just living on the food we have right now.”

Meanwhile, the latest Tebbutt-Times poll has revealed that personal wealth including cost of living, unemployment and poverty were the three biggest issues going into the 2018 General Election.

A total of 81 per cent gave an answer related to personal wealth.

Fifty one per cent of those polled mentioned the cost of living or wages, 39 per cent said unemployment or jobs was also an issue going into next month’s polls while 34 per cent named poverty as one of the biggest issues.

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