Widow tells of struggle

WIDOW Salanieta Vuinadi yesterday shared how she took care of her six children when their house in Nabuna, Tavua, was inundated with floodwaters three times in one week.

She said the experience was new for her family.

“I was listening to the radio but I did not hear anything about evacuation centres being opened so when floodwaters entered my home two Saturdays ago, we didn’t go anywhere because we didn’t know where to go,” the 45-year-old said.

“I didn’t want to take the risk moving around in floodwaters.

“As we speak, our house is in a very bad condition. On Wednesday, the floodwaters came again and everything just got worse.

“We were lucky to have some cement blocks and some timber outside our house. I piled the blocks together and brought all our family and we slept on top of that piled cement blocks until the floodwaters receded.”

The 45-year-old said they were still sleeping last Saturday night when floodwaters burst into their house again.

“We were all scared and I told my children that we will have to be moved to higher grounds because our home wasn’t safe any more. We were the first family to move to Tavua District School.”

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