Wide and affordable range

FEEL how good it feels to ride in one of Autoworld Trading (Fiji) Ltd’s second-hand cars.

Autoworld is one of the best second-hand car dealers around the country and it continues to prove to be potential for car buyers. The company offers customers a wide range of vehicles in different brands and colours to choose from at affordable prices.

These include their hatchback cars, sedan cars, station wagons, LPG cars, Toyota Hiace van with window, and their four-wheel-drive collection which includes the Toyota RAV 4, Mitsubishi and Toyota Land Cruiser.

The company’s second-hand imported cars offer a wide variety of opportunities for the middle income earners who harbour the long-time dream of owning a vehicle.

During these trying financial times affordable prices are what customers look for and Autoworld’s car yard at 21 Viria Rd, Vatuwaqa boasts a superb customer service team that helps people make the right choice.

Autoworld has become a household name in Fiji when it comes to cars and trucks.

The company has been in business for 15 years and has a fully-equipped workshop and showroom.

Autoworld also welcomes trade-in and arranges finance and insurance just for you. For this and more, visit Autoworld Trading (Fiji) Ltd today.

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