Who will get the hot seat

THANK you The Fiji Times and kudos to Ratu Romanu Matanitobua for highlighting an important topic of teenage pregnancies in the media.

Given that a Pacific Island nation has the highest-recorded adolescent pregnancy rate (of 138 per every 1000 girls) compared with other countries of the world, it is about time that this discussion be given the public forum it deserves which may lessen the stigma.

If we, as parents, are really worried then we would be taking a proactive approach towards this topic.

Our reaction when a teenager within our own families becomes pregnant is incredibly irrational as the reality that we do not seem to want to accept in the first place is that our teenagers are sexually active.

So it is about time that we become realistic about this. It isn’t just about accessing sexual and health services anymore, but about creating enabling social environments that empower our teens boys and girls to obtain much-needed preventative services such as family planning.

And let us not forget that when a teen pregnancy happens, it is mostly the women/ girls that carry the long-term burden of this event.

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