Who we really are

A REPORT we carry today on page three will have us all full of pride in a fellow Fijian, who with no regard for his own safety, went to the aid of an elderly woman in Mackay, Queensland, Australia.

Despite the forces being brought to bear by Cyclone Debbie and the distance between their houses, Semi Lewanirabe did not think twice to go to the aid of Gloria Gillespie.

There is nothing else in that report to afford us a glimpse into the daily life of Mr Lewanirabe. Whether he is a tradesman, a teacher, salesman, farm hand, driver, soldier or policeman — we have no idea.

Yet by that action which he took, we know he is a very brave person. Brave enough to go out into the teeth of the storm to save another person.

It did not matter that they were not related. All that mattered was that there was danger and Ms Gillespie needed help. He was in a position to help and he did exactly that without hesitation.

It is when we are faced with such situations, when we are challenged by trying situations that we then really find out the answer to the question, who we really are?

Mr Lewanirabe knows his answer and he will have no problems with what he sees in the mirror every morning.

Some of us will never have to defy the forces of nature to save another human being. At least, not in the physical sense. But in everyone’s life will be storms of different magnitudes. That is without question.

How we respond to our personal storms, some call them demons, others say it is their cross to bear — whatever we want to call our trials and tribulations, will be what defines us.

Our storms may not be death defying so we will rise in the morning and have another opportunity to have a good look in the mirror.

How proud are you of what you see? What is it exactly do you see?

Most probably, you will be satisfied with some parts of the reflection while other parts are work in progress.

Some say everything we come across in our life happens for a reason.

The unselfish act by Mr Lewanirabe will no doubt now be spread throughout the world through the internet. It will be read and talked about and then life will go on. So it is with life.

Struggles, hardships even tragedy will occur and the next morning the sun will rise in the East, traverses the sky to set in the West.

Having talked about storms, it is important to remember that sometimes we have moments in our life, when our existence is at its most tranquil, that we are able to look into ourselves and ask: What kind of person am I really? Who am I?

The world would be so much of a better place if we were a fraction of what Mr Lewanirabe showed us in Australia.

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