WHO: Two types of vaccines

THERE are only two types of vaccines available in the country for meningococcal C.

This was confirmed by the World Health Organization.

WHO said while Fiji faced an outbreak of meningococcal C, the only two vaccines available in the country are monovalent vaccine that protected against serogroups C and a quadrivalent meningococcal vaccine that provided protection against serogroups A, C, Y, W135 (the various forms of the disease).

“For meningococcal disease, the WHO recommends a comprehensive approach to the public health management of the outbreak.

“Through the Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services national meningococcal taskforce, the WHO has provided this technical advice on the public health response to this outbreak, including advice on the use of vaccines.”

Alongside other development partners, WHO continues to provide technical advice to the Government of Fiji in its decisions on how best to manage and respond to the outbreak.

The Ministry of Health announced the outbreak last Tuesday.

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