WHO calls on teachers to know signs

THE World Health Organization is calling on teachers and officers in charge of schools to know the signs and symptoms of meningococcal disease.

“It is important that students are also informed about the disease, the signs and symptoms, and know who they can talk to if they are feeling unwell,” the international public health organisation said in a statement yesterday.

It said students, especially those who live in boarding school dormitories, were at greater risk of contracting the disease if one was infected.

“When people live in close contact together, there are more opportunities for the infection to spread. So for example, people who live in the same house as a person diagnosed with meningococcal disease are more likely than the general public to get the disease.

“Because students, especially, those who live in boarding school dormitories, live, eat, play together and share dormitories, there is a greater opportunity for the bacteria to spread between students if one student is infected.”

The organisation said it was also important to remember that not everyone who had the bacteria would get the disease.

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