Where to shop this season

IF there’s ever a good time to do shopping, it’s now. Supermarkets, electrical stores and even car retailers have most probably lowered prices or putting up special promotions for customers this Diwali.

From special on groceries to power tools, Diwali makes the opportune time to shop for the best deals.

Wikipedia says it is a norm to shop during the festive season in many western and western-influenced countries. It incorporates a period of shopping which comprises a peak season for the retail sector.

Diwali, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Eid generates the shopping periods in Fiji.

The Festival of Lights is also the perfect time for delicious Indian delights or sweets. Hindu families share the love in the spirit of Diwali with yummy delights.

Families of other races and religions also take time to make their own sweets and if you miss out, the bean cart at the bus station has a continuous supply.

Diwali sweets include bharfi, gulgula, jalebi, halua, gulabjamun, rasgulla, lakri, samosa, Suji laddoo and more.

Television to newspaper advertisements is also a good place to look to check and see what exactly is in store. The Fiji Times always features advertisement with business contact details and addresses so customers can call and for further inquiry.

A Shopper guide is published every Friday in this newspaper. It gives shoppers a sense of direction to get the best range and prices for goods and services available. This Diwali the edition offerred great choices on a wide range of cars, motoring accessories, groceries, electrical appliances and more.

This Diwali supermarkets and stores are expected to be jammed-pack with shoppers this weekend and a substantial number of shoppers arguably, would be out for fireworks.

Fireworks and sweets magically seem to bring people together despite differences in religion.

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