Where to be

O ‘Reilly’s is always the place to be in Suva on St Patrick’s Night with its green beer, green decor and strong links to Ireland as shown by its name. The bar was opened in 1992 by the current owners Liam & Pauline Hindle and took the name of Liam’s Irish family on his mother’s side. Liam was born in Cobh, County Cork in Southern Ireland (EIRE) and spent his first five years as part of the O’Reilly household.

lthough often called an Irish pub, O’Reilly’s is very much a Pacific Island creation and better described as a Fiji-Irish Bar – the people of both these countries have much in common being light-hearted, gregarious and fun-loving — in fact many in Europe refer to Fijians as the Irish of the South Pacific!

They also share a great talent and love of Rugby, and this St Patrick’s Day will also see Ireland crowned as Six Nations Champions – and with a little divine intervention from St Patrick himself , may also be winners of the Grand Slam by beating England at Twickenham.

In the Gaelic languages “Mac” relates to the father in both Ireland and Scotland but the “O” in O’Reilly refers to the grandfather or earlier ancestor but is only used in Ireland; it was also in use in Scotland until medieval times but died out after they were conquered and ruled by England.

All the Gaelic people of Ireland and Scotland were originally closely related and all known as “Scoti” which itself gave rise to the name of Scotland, but from Roman times the term Scotia referred to Ireland.

As people regain pride in their old indigenous roots, original Gaelic spelling is coming back and for O’Reilly’s it is “O’RAGHAILLAGH’S”

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