What makes them tick

THE Supplements Team is an editorial extension of the revenue generating arm of The Fiji Times newspaper.

The team is led by Advertising Features Editor Verenaisi Raicola with sub-editor Harold Koi, senior writer Frederica Elbourne, reporter Nanise Loanakadavu and cadet reporter Losalini Vuki.

The prerequisite of supplement editorial demands an extensive creative flair in writing and layout that allows reporters in our team to cover a wide range of stories on a daily basis.

Supplement publications include motoring and accessories, business launches, shipping features, obituaries, real estate, weekly supplements and learning experiences through our popular shopper editions. “I guess in that respect, we are different from the hard news reporters because we write flexibly and have to have a wide knowledge of the advertising features from topics like cars to food, which is a daily learning experience for members of our team,” Raicola said.

She said supplement writing required a softer and more marketable approach because at the end of the day, it’s about attracting advertisers while keeping readers informed in our editorial pieces.

“Basically, the teamwork is detailed to assist existing as well as future advertisers promote their products in our newspaper as we have a wider reach through our circulation.

“We work closely with the advertising team who rope in advertisers while we take care of the editorial side of things, including pictures and editorial content.”

An enthusiastic approach to meeting deadlines is what makes Team Supplements tick, backed by comradeship and loyalty.

“We see ourselves as the money making engine within our editorial team and while we strive to keep our clients content, we maintain all editorial ethics that makes our team tick,” Raicola said.

As the company celebrates its 145th anniversary this September, the Supplements Team takes this opportunity to thank everyone that has made this newspaper what it is today.

“The Fiji Times has indeed become a brand name for many businesses and families in Fiji and we are proud to be part of this well-established newspaper.”

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