What is it!? Bright light falls from the sky

What is it? This light falling from the sky caught the attention of many this evening. Picture: LICE MOVONO

SOMETHING bright fell out of the sky at approximately 6pm this evening leaving a trail of light from well above the clouds.
The trail of bright light, which The Fiji Times witnessed from Princess Road in Tamavua was also witnessed in Sigatoka and Tailevu.
Sigatoka resident Luke Fryett said the object also made a loud sound.
“It made a huge noise as it came in. It made a massive swoosh noise then a loud pop/bang,” Mr Fryett said.
“I was sitting on the roof of my house by the Sigatoka river.”
Politician Lynda Tabuya said the object was green and said it came “from all the way up in the atmosphere”.
It is understood that similar sightings were made in Gau and Lau.
Contact us if you saw this object or use the hashtag #lightfromtheskyfiji when you post about it.
Fiji Metereology director Ravind Kumar said they were unaware of any such sightings and they would not be able to comment on it.

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