What are we doing

As I sit to write this, my heart is with all those people suffering out there.

What I witnessed in the past few days has compelled me to voice my concern.

Travelling along the road after floodwaters receded; I saw the reason why nature comes back at us, each time angrier than the previous one.

The debris disposed along the roads, river sides and drains spoke volumes on the naked truth that we tend to turn a blind eye to- pollution!

The debris was full of plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic containers etc.

With so much plastic around, it seems we have ourselves turned into plastic to the point where we are not able to think about our own wellbeing.

It’s a big shame for all of us especially when we are advocating about climate change with our PM heading COP23.

Why expect the world to change when we can’t get ourselves to change!

When we, who are bearing the wrath of mother nature can’t get our act together, we have no right to expect anything from anyone else.

It’s always easy to pass the buck and blame the others – here I believe others would be the big industrialised nations making money but creating pollution which affects the island nations.

Locally, I believe it would be the city/town councils not doing their jobs right which leads to blocked drains which in turn leads to flooding.

And lastly I believe the biggest culprit would be the Government! Come on people, who are we fooling?

When will we learn to take the blame for our wrongdoings? Neither the Government nor the councils can perform miracles.

Why can’t we do the right thing by not polluting our environment?

Why can’t we dispose our rubbish correctly?

Why can’t we stop the use of plastic bags and bottles?

We, the people have more power than any government in the world but we need to use this power to do the right things.

Now neither the blame game nor the passing of the buck will solve our problems.

The bottles in those blocked drains were neither thrown by the Government nor the town/city councils – it was us!

If each of us pledge to make a little change in this plastic era, our sufferings will be a whole lot less.

Last year we at Tilak High School took the pledge “Say No to Plastic Bags” way before the Government announced the levy on plastic bags.

We have seen an immense change in the attitudes of our students towards the environment through this initiative. Yes, it’s true that it takes a bit of time for any such change to take effect but constant advocating, monitoring and awareness can make the impossible, possible.

I urge all of us to take action today so that our tomorrow is better.

Our mission for ourselves should be ‘no littering’ ‘no pollution’ ‘no plastic bags/bottles’ and ‘proper rubbish disposal’.

One might say easier said than done but let me tell you that when it concerns us, we have to rise to the challenge and get it done.

Little by little, we should become the change we want to see!

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