Wet weather disrupts supply

I’M facing problems at the moment because everything is out of stock; local vegetables, root crops, during this wet weather conditions and flooding.

These were the sentiments of market vendor Bobby Chand, 56, of Tamavua, when interviewed by the Fiji Times during a market survey yesterday.

“Farmers are finding difficulty in harvesting and planting because of the heavy rain; it spoils all the vegetables. In Sigatoka Valley Rd there are no vegetables left at all,” Mr Chand said.

He said before farmers and suppliers from Sigatoka Valley Rd came to the market with a full load of products.

“Now their loads are not even one-quarter full because more than half their vegetables have gone bad and half not available and the farmers are facing problems there and they cannot bring their produce all the way to Suva Market choosing to go to Sigatoka instead because of the weather,” he said.

Mr Chand said vendors in Suva had to sell whatever produce they could get their hands on.

“And the price is hiking up and up; more than 200 per cent increase now for local vegetables and I’m finding it very hard to cover my cost but I have no choice in this wet weather,” the Suva Market vendor said.

He said he operated 15 stalls selling vegetables, fruits like oranges, grapes, and apples and pear which he bought from Turners and Growers Fiji, and he also sold watermelons when in season.

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