Weekly share trading slows down

THE South Pacific Stock Exchange’s (SPSE) stock market news flash for this week indicated that share trading had slowed down in terms of value of shares traded, number traded and the number of transactions.

This was after the SPSE this week recorded 21,398 shares traded for $63,851 in 22 deals compared with 17,673 shares sold for $66,018 in 9 transactions in the previous week, week ending March 16.

The week prior to these two, on March 9, had recorded a much higher value traded of $159,895 for 35,027 shares over 13 transactions.

The SPSE recorded a price movement of $0.10 for Vision Investments Ltd which opened the week at $3.15 and closed yesterday at $3.25 per share. Amalgamated Telecom Holdings however recorded an intra-week high share price of $2.30 but closed the week at $2.26.

Meanwhile, the total market cap continued to rise after hitting the $2-billion mark earlier and closed the week at a new high figure of $2.04b.

The SPSE has also urged all high school students who wanted to learn more about Fiji’s stock market to take part in the SPSE’s 2018 National Essay Competition.

The essay submission deadline is May 31, 2018.

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