THE Nadi Football Local League competition continues at the Prince Charles Park ground 2 in Nadi on Sunday:

Premier: 9am Lukia Football-Vanua Impex Kerebula, 10.10 FSC Navo Football-Nasco United, 11.20 Gandhi Lionz II-Nawaicoba Youth, 12.30pm Namaka Football II-Qeleloa Youth II, 1.40 Malolo Football II-Newlife Pharmacy Aries FC II

NOTE: All teams are reminded to clear their mandatory fine before playing their club game. Duty official: Sunil Singh

Navua Sanatan

THE Salusalu Investment Diwali Cup pool matches will be played this weekend at the Vashist Muni School grounds:

Tomorrow: 3pm Naitonitoni Sanatan-Waidova Sanatan, 4.15pm Calia Central Sanatan-Raiwaqa Sanatan

Sunday: 8am Calia Sanatan-Wainadoi Sanatan, 9.15am Vakabalea Sanatan-Naitata Sanatan, 10.30am Calia Central Sanatan-Town Sanatan, 12.30pm Vakabalea Sanatan-Raiwaqa Sanatan, 1.45pm Waidova Sanatan-Wainadoi Sanatan, 3pm Naitonitoni Sanatan-Calia Sanatan

NOTE: Teams are requested to be on time and defaulting teams will be fined. For more information contact Salesh on 9533510.


THE Rewa Football Association local league games will be played tomorrow and Sunday at the Saraswati Primary School grounds in Manoca, Nausori:

Tomorrow: 2pm G1 Visama Sports-United III, G2 Dilkusha Excelsior- St Christopher; 3.30pm G1 Burebasaga-Korociriciri, G2 NMT Nakaikogo-Waila City Boys

Sunday: 9am G1 Lakena Youth-Golden Sports, G2 FMF Youngsters-Lakena Sports; 10.15am G1 Hakwa Sports-Manoca All Blacks, G2 Combine Verata-Lakena Strickers; 12.15pm G1 Delta Timber Verata-Waila Sports, G2 Vunivai Naita-Liverpool; 2.15pm G1 Wainibokasi Landing-Kasavu Sports, G2 Navasa-Singzplus Navuso Barbarians

NOTE: All teams are to complete their registration and pay their fees before taking the field. Teams without proper registration and any unpaid fees would be stopped from taking field. All player licence cards would be inspected before the games.


PLEASE note a HPU Western Training Session will be held in Lautoka tomorrow and Sunday for Men’s & Women’s and will be conducted by Hector Smith, assisted by Western HPU Trainers Marcel/Fergus.

Tomorrow: All players that attended the last HPU Trials Suva and all districts training teams from Ltk, Nadi and Ba are requested to attend from 8am to 10am and 12noon to 2pm. From 2pm to 4pm, district games between Lautoka, Nadi and Ba men’s and women’s teams will take place.

Sunday: Training sessions will be from 9am to 1pm.

NOTE: Clubs are requested to bring your jerseys/goalkeepers gear because of the district games from 2pm – 4.30pm on Saturday. Individuals are requested to come prepared, full gear & a water bottle plus a spare change. Timing is very important since the HPU coach is giving up his time to be at these training sessions for those in the west. You are all welcome to attend.



A skills and fitness test will be conducted for all women in the Western Division (Lautoka, Nadi, Nadroga, Serua, Ra and neighbouring areas) who are interested in being part of the TFL Fijiana (National Women’s 7s team) extended squad.

The test would be held tomorrow at 9am at the HPU Gym in Sigatoka. Players are requested to please bring their rugby boots, runners, water bottle and towel. For more information contact Selita Koroi on 9928834.

Rewa Delta 7s

THE Perfect Aluminium Rewa Delta Uprising 7s tournament will be held at the Ratu Cakobau Park in Nausori tomorrow:

G1: 8am Raralevu-Breakthru CCC, 8.12 Perfect Aluminium Uprising-Wakanisila, 8.24 Natakala-Muanikoso Youth, 8.36 CK Ezy Buy Tabadamu-Muanikoso Youth, 8.48 Uluinakau-Remington Davui Babas, 9am Red Rock I-Natogadravu, 9.12am Vuanitavola-Pillar Green (U20), 9.24 Davuilevu-Nacovu (U20), 9.36 Waimanu-Naqau Bros, 9.48 Wardens Gold-Namara Bros, 10am Raralevu-Nasolo Y Boys, 10.12 Perfect Aluminium Uprising-SYE Nabua, 10.24 Natakala-Red Rock II, 10.36 CK Ezy Buy Tabadamu-Nausori, 10.48 Vuanitavola-Nausori (U20), 11am Davuilevu-Duavata Naselai (U20), 11.12 Uluinakau-Suvavou, 11.24 Red Rock I-Evergreen, 11.36 Waimanu-Nakorotubu, 11.48 Wardens Gold-Kookai II, 12noon Raralevu-Gaunavou Sharks, 12.12 Perfect Aluminium Uprising-Caucau Warrior, 12.24 Nausori-USP (U20), 12.36 Duavata Naselai-Nace Blues Nabitu (U20), 12.48 Natakala-Kookai I, 1pm CK Ezy Buy Tabadamu-Eagles Cane, 1.12 Uluinakau-Viwa, 1.24 Vuanitavola vs USP (U20), 1.36 Davuilevu-Nace Blues Nabitu (U20), 1.48 Red Rock I-Waitui Bros, 2pm Waimanu-Suva Stallions, 2.12 Warden Gold-AFL Nausori, 2.24 Vuanitavola vs Savu (U20), 2.36 Davuilevu-Savura (U20)

G2: 8am Gaunavou Sharks-Nasolo Y Boys, 8.12 Caucau Warrior-SYE Nabua, 8.24 Kookai I-Red Rock II, 8.36 Breakthru CCC-Nausori, 8.48 Viwa-Suvavou, 9am Waitui Bros-Evergreen, 9.12am Savu-Nausori (U20), 9.24 Savura-Duavata Naselai (U20), 9.36 Suva Stallions-Nakorotubu, 9.48 AFL Nausori- Kookai II, 10am Breakthru CCC-Gaunavou Sharks, 10.12 Wakanisila-Caucau Warrior, 10.24 Muanikoso Youth-Kookai I, 10.36 Tagikoto-Eagles Cane, 10.48 Savu-USP (U20), 11am Savura-Nace Blues Nabitu (U20), 11.12 Remington Davui Babas-Viwa, 11.24 Natogadravu-Waitui Bros, 11.36 Naqau Bros-Suva Stallions, 11.48 Namara Bros-AFL Nausori, 12nonn Nasolo Y Boys-Breakthru CCC, 12.12 SYE Nabua-Wakanisila, 12.24 Pillar Green-Savu (U20), 12.36 Nacovu-Savura (U20), 12.48 RedRock II-Muanikoso Youth, 1pm Nausori-Tagikoto, 1.12 Suvavou-Remington Davui Babas, 1.24 Nausori-Pillar Green (U20), 1.36 Duavata Naselai-Nacovu (U20),1.48 Evergreen-Natogadravu, 2pm Nakorotubu-Naqau Bros, 2.12 Kookai II-Namara Bros, 2.24 USP-Pillar Green (U20), 2.36 Nace Blues Nabitu vs Nacovu (U20)

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