Week-long clinic for villages

A GROUP of medical professionals will be in the country this week to carry out a week-long clinic for villages along the Coral Coast.

The group called the Coral Coast Rehabilitation (CCR) have been travelling to Fiji every year since 2014 to conduct the clinics along the Korolevu-i-Wai district.

CCR co-ordinator Dr Shane McSweeny said they were looking forward to making the trek to Fiji to see new patients and treat new cases.

“The check-ups are free and we bring over medical items and supplies for the people that we come and see and for those that we train,” he said.

“Last year we trained village nurses on how to test diabetes and also the importance of understanding general health to avoid diabetes.”

He said this time around the group would be building Fiji’s first therapy playground for both disabled and normal children.

“This is a great opportunity for the children to ensure that they stay healthy while at the same time enjoying themselves with their friends.

“We will be opening the therapy playground on November 17.”

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