Weedicide aid for canegrowers

ABOUT 1500 sugarcane growers from the Sigatoka area will receive free weedicide from the Lautoka Cane Producers Association.

Association president Praveen Singh said the assistance would be for farmers in the Cuvu and Lomawai sectors.

“We will give them Amine, Glyphosate, Duron and Balpar King as part of our assistance,” he said.

“In past years, we used to give them the free weedicide after the harvesting season.

“But this year we are giving at a time when they can use the weedicide on their farms.

“This assistance cost the association $140,000 and the money is mostly from our premium earnings by mechanical harvesters that we made last year.”

Mr Singh said more assistance would be given to farmers next season.

“Following our board meeting, we have decided that next year our assistance will go beyond the free weedicide,” he said.

“We want to supply them with farming equipment. We found that some farmers or labourers did not have simple things such as gum boots and cane knives.

“So for next year we will supply them with these things.”

The assistance will be handed over to the farmers today.

Growers who are members of the association said earlier that they would dedicate a large portion of their profits to help the farmers in the rural or hilly areas where mechanical harvesters could not be operated.

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