Weatherman: High possibility of a tropical cyclone

THE Fiji Meteorological Service says there is a high possibility of a tropical disturbance developing into a tropical cyclone by Wednesday this week.

This will happen in the time the weather system moves towards the Fiji group, the weather office said in an advisory issued yesterday.

The weather office is monitoring tropical disturbance (TD04F) that had formed between Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

“TD04F is currently slow-moving, but is expected to move southeast in the next few days to the north of Vanuatu and further towards Fiji,” the weather office said.

“Global models have picked up this system and gradually move it southeastwards with slight intensification,” the advisory stated.

The weather office said TD04F had cyclonic circulation that extended about 5500m above the ground.

“Potential for TD04F to develop into a tropical cyclone is low for the next 24 hours (Monday).

“Potential increases to moderate on Tuesday and high from Wednesday onwards between Vanuatu and Fiji.”

Several overseas weather models are forecasting that TD04F will develop into a tropical cyclone and is forecasted to be a Category 1 system when it approaches Fiji later in the week.

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