Weatherman on Fiji’s dry spell

Fiji Meteorological Service director Ravin Kumar during an earlier press conference in Nadi. Picture: BALJEET SINGH/FILE

RAIN experienced in some parts of the country on Friday may not be enough to alleviate the deficiency the dry spell has created, says Fiji Meteorological Service director Ravind Kumar.

Mr Kumar said there needed to be frequent rain for the next two months to replenish the soil.

He said many parts of the country were experiencing very little and even no rain at all.

“We may expect to see continuation of the dry spell as we have seen these past months,” he said.

Mr Kumar said the present dry spell was not as bad as events in the past.

“In terms of its severity, it is not as severe as we have seen in the past but if it is going to continue then the chances of the situation becoming severe would increase.

“We have seen a significant reduction in rainfall which is unusual, especially within this dry season.”

Water Authority of Fiji board director Kamal Gounder said they had enough resources to cater for the dry spell.

“In terms of the budget that has been provided by the Government to the Water Authority of Fiji, we are prioritising some on these projects to meet emergencies that have come up but for the time being the budget is sufficient to meet the expense for carting of water and also other expenses,” he said.

Meanwhile, WAF has reactivated its emergency toll-free contact line and email where affected customers can make their requests for water carting services.

WAF general manager customer services Sekove Uluinayau said they could be contacted on WAF toll-free number 1507 and email

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