Weather watch: Status of northern roads and crossings

The flooded crossing at Urata in Labasa. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

COMMUTERS in the Northern Division are advised to make alternative travel plans with some areas and crossings fully submerged under floodwaters as warnings for heavy rain and flooding remain in force.

The Fiji Roads Authority has cautioned motorists to be extra careful while out on our roads during this bad weather condition.

Motorists are warned against driving into flooded areas of unknown depth.

Status of roads and crossings in the Northern Division:

In Bua:

– The Namuavoivoi Road has been closed but open to 4×4 vehicles

In Macuata:

– Navukuru Crossing – JNC Suweni/Nakorotari Road, Navakuru, Macuata – Open to 4×4 vehicles

– Dreketilailai Crossing on Bulileka Road – Closed

– Qawa Crossing on Qawa Road – Closed

– Urata Crossing on Urata Road – Closed

– Boca Loop Road – Closed

– Nakelikoso Crossing on Nakelikoso Road – Closed, and

– Lagalaga Flats on Wainikoro Road – Closed.

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