Weather watch: Roads and crossings that remain closed

The Narara crossing in Rakiraki inundated with floodwaters. Picture: SUPPLIED/FRA

SOME roads and crossings in the Western and Northern divisions remain closed to traffic as heavy rain continued to be experienced in these areas.

Members of the public and motorists alike are advised to take note of the following roads and crossings that remain closed because of flooding.

Roads closed in Rakiraki (Western Division):

– Vitiri crossing on Vitiri Road

– Dreketi crossing on Dreketi Road

– Banisoqosoqo crossing on Banisoqosoqo Road

– Vunikavikaloa crossing on Vunikavikaloa Road

– Savusavu crossing on Lawaki Rd (Dawa Or Nasau)

– Burenitu crossing on Burenitu Road

– Barotu crossing on Barotu Road

– Rakiraki Access on FSC Road

– Narara crossing on Narara Road

– Katudrau Road

– Drana crossing on Korotale Valley Road

– Galau Flat on Waimari Road

– Vatukaceva crossing on Vatukacevaceva Road.

Northern Division:

Roads open to 4×4 vehicles:

– Namuavoivoi on Namuavoivoi Road, Bua – Open to 4×4 traffic

– Navukuru crossing – JNC Suweni/Nakorotari Road, Navakuru, Macuata – open to 4×4 traffic

Roads closed:

– Dreketilailai Crossing on Bulileka Road, Macuata

– Qawa Crossing on Qawa Road, Macuata

– Urata Crossing on Urata Road, Macuata

– Boca Loop Road, Macuata

– Nakelikoso Crossing on Nakelikoso Road, Macuata

– Lagalaga Flats on Wainikoro Road, Macuata

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