Weather watch: Naqali areas submerged; Flood alert warning in force

Commuters being transported across the flooded Naqali bridge. Picture: FILIPE NAIGULEVU

AREAS adjacent to the Naqali River in Naitasiri remain flooded with roads closed off to all traffic, restricting movement for people in the area.

The area has been flooded since last night’s heavy rain.

Several vehicles, including two buses that departed Naitasiri today, have been stranded on the other end of the Naqali Bridge along with passengers.

While authorities have advised for minimal movement citing flash flooding, a boat operator from a nearby village was sighted transporting members of the public travelling to and from the area.

According to Viria villager Filipe Vulaono, the boat had been transporting members of the public since earlier this morning.

This included the majority of farmers in the area travelling to Suva and Nausori markets to sell their produce.

“There are still some people on the other end waiting to be transported to this end of the bridge wishing to travel to Suva and the market to sell their produce,” Mr Vulaono told Fiji Times Online on scene.

“And some are travelling to their respective villages taking their groceries and household items, so this boat has been a huge help for most of the villagers in the area.”

A flood alert warning is still in force for the low lying areas adjacent to Naqali and Waimanu rivers, as issued by the Fiji Meteorological Services today.

According to the latest update issued this afternoon from the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA), several other roads in the Sawani area have been closed because of flash flooding.

These include:

– Sawani Sera Road – Waidracia Crossing flooded – Closed to all traffic.
– Nataveya Road – Gusuitavaki Crossing Flooded – Closed to all traffic.
– Lutu/Vuisiga Road – Wainavida Crossing Flooded – Closed to all traffic.
– Sawani Serea Road – Before Nasavu Village Road – Half Road closed.
– Savu Road – Flooded – Is now Closed to all traffic.

Roads that are now open to traffic in the Central Division:

– Beqa Road – Tubarua Crossing – Water has receded.
– Vunaniu Road – Vunaiu Crossing – Water has receded.
– Sote Road – Sote Bridge – Water has receded.
– Nukurua Road – Nabuni Culvert – Water has receded.
– Deepwater Road – Water has receded.

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