Weather watch: Farmers advised to secure livestock and property

Farms and a section of road flooded in Naloto, Ba. Picture ARUN SHARMA

Farms and a section of road flooded in Naloto, Ba. Picture: FT FILE

FIJIAN farmers are being advised to begin securing their property, stock and keep their animals, machinery and farm implements away from flood-prone areas and secure their livestock sheds.

This is after the weather forecast by the Fiji Meteorological Services revealed that localised heavy rain could cause flash flooding in low-lying areas.

A statement was issued this afternoon by the Ministry of Agriculture and is advising farmers to take all necessary precautions to reduce risk to life and their property as a heavy rain warning remains in force for the whole of the Fiji group.

“It is also advisable for farmers to monitor crops, which are on flood-prone areas to avoid losses during flooding,” the statement said.

“Farmers should move planting materials to higher grounds so that they can be used after the floodwaters have receded and to be wary of culverts and other waterways created by floods, keeping family members and animals away from them.

“Farmers should also pay close attention to all weather forecasts, warnings and advisories issued by the Fiji Meteorological Services.”

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