Weather taking its toll on farmers

SEVERAL days of torrential rain and flooding have added to the hardships faced by farmers at Bulileka in Labasa.

The farmers had their farms destroyed from the heavy rain that began last week during the downpour.

Bulileka farmer Subhash Tulsi said he lost more than $200 worth of vegetables in flood waters caused by the rain.

“It’s really hard to try and fill a bucket of okra for $10 because most of the produce has been swept away by flood,” he said.

Mr Tulsi supplies vegetables to market vendors at the Labasa Municipal Market.

“I sell vegetables in the market every Saturday and I can say that I won’t be able to get any more vegetables from my farm to sell this weekend,” he said.

“I planted bean and okra last week, now it’s all gone.”

Another farmer, Nilesh Kumar, who plants and sells vegetables at the market, said he won’t be able to sell any vegetables from next week as well.

“My farm was underwater during this heavy rain and half of the vegetables that I had planned to sell next week at the market have all been washed away,” he said.

“We even plant rice for family use and it’s all washed away as well.”

Jamuna Prasad, a farmer from Sarava outside Labasa, said they were not affected.

“Our farms are right on the hill and it’s safe but our only problem is the damaged roads that were flooded during this heavy rain,” he said.

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