Weather situation: FRA issues latest situation report

The flooded Dreketi crossing on Dreketi Road in Rakiraki. Picture: SUPPLIED/FRA

WITH the prevailing adverse weather affecting the country, the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) in its latest situation report has highlighted roads that are closed across the country.

Central Division

– Wairua Settlement Road

– Toga Road

– Delailasakau Road

– Ovalau Circular Road

– Wairua Settlement Road

– Nawiwaivusa Road

– Navunisole Road

– Dawasamu Road

– RKS. Road

– Buiduna Road

– Lutu Vuisiga Road

– Waima Crossing on Nairukuruku Road, Rewa

– Nataveya Road

– Nabukelevu Rd

– Delailasakau Road

– Naduru Temple Road, Suva

– Vatulili Village Access Road

– Navulokani Road near Wailoa Road junction in Rewa

– Lovoni Bridge

– Wailoa Road, Nausori

Western Division

Roads closed in Rakiraki

– Vitiri Crossing on Vitiri Road

– Dreketi Crossing on Dreketi Road

– Banisoqosoqo Crossing on Banisoqosoqo Road

– Vunikavikaloa Crossing on Vunikavikaloa Road

– Savusavu crossing on Lawaki Rd (Dawa Or Nasau)

– Burenitu Crossing on Burenitu Road

– Barotu Crossing on Barotu Road

– Rakiraki Access on FSC Road

– Narara Crossing on Narara Road

– Katudrau Road

– Drana Crossing on Korotale Valley Road

– Galau Flat on WaimariRoad

– Vatukaceva crossing on Vatukacevaceva Road

– Lau Ford Crossing on Lau Road

Roads closed in Ba

– Navala crossing in Ba is underwater and is closed to all traffic. However, Navala Road off from Koronubu till Navala crossing is trafficable

– Varadoli Cemetery Road in Ba

Northern Division

Roads closed:

– Navukuru Crossing – JNC Suweni/Nakorotari Road, Navakuru, Macuata

– Dreketilailai Crossing on Bulileka Road, Macuata

– Qawa Crossing on Qawa Road, Macuata

– Urata Crossing on Urata Road, Macuata

– Boca Loop Road, Macuata

– Nakelikoso Crossing on Nakelikoso Road, Macuata

– Lagalaga Flats on Wainikoro Road, Macuata

– Line Point Flata on Namoli Road, Macuata

– Qelemumu Crossing on Coqeloa Road, Macuata

– Vunivutu Flats past village on Vunivutu Road

– Daku Hill on Wainikoro Road

– Emily Flat on Siberia Road, Labasa.

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