Weather reports

I salute the Fiji Meteorological Service for providing up-to-date and very timely information about this recent cyclone.

Given the lax attitude of Fijians, it is advisable to have continuous early warnings.

Even if it means losing out on some profit and much-needed services, it has always been and will always be wise to be safe.

However, despite early warnings people, as we have always been, continued with their usual lives until the very last minute. I believe nothing can be taken away from our weathermen.

They have done a marvellous job which they will definitely continue because this was not the last cyclone or threatening weather condition for the rest of our lives.

There are more to come. Be prepared and let the weathermen do their job. By the way we should be relying on our national weathermen and their advice instead of Google searching and mixing all other reports to make a palau without any salt.

We never had 100 per cent approval ratings of any institution nor individuals and we will never have as we have many professionals of everything everywhere.

More so near grog basins, like I have some with me always.

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