‘Weak generation’

OVER the past 30 years, our country has developed a generation that is becoming weaker every day. Most of them are always expecting handouts from anywhere.

Most of these handouts are received without any appreciation.

Even those who have fallen on hard times don’t attempt to recover to reinstate themselves.

Such a trend has been observed by and in our young generation and portrays a very unhealthy survival attitude.

This breeds a generation that cannot work hard, a generation that only embraces any easy way any which way it can.

Even in our villages, such infection has also been noticed. The commitment and dedication of hard and honest work once practised by our forefathers have faded dramatically. This infection is also visible in schools, sports and the work environment.

Our young people who can not withstand discipline, commitment and dedication and yet they crave for a successful, quality lifestyle.

It is so sad that when we are entangled in such an unhealthy lifestyle, there will be all sorts of crime in our rural and urban communities.

The cornerstone of our communities are our families and a healthy community should develop a healthy and prosperous country.

This trend is growing very fast and we seem not to be bothered because it is becoming a norm in our everyday life.

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