We will never abandon you: Bainimarama

Update: 2:02PM WE will never abandon you, just as we will continue to fight for justice for every single vulnerable person on earth.

Minister Voreqe Bainimarama made the   comment
while welcoming island neighbors, Kiribati and Tuvalu at the opening the
Climate Action Pacific Partnership Event at the Grand Pacific Hotel this

all the vulnerable nations of the world, you are the most vulnerable,” Mr
Bainimarama said.

all the moral force we can muster to remind the world of its obligations, you
have the greatest moral force of all,” he said.

Bainimarama said to allow sovereign nations to slip beneath the rising seas
altogether to preserve the economies and lifestyles of others would be an act
of unparalleled selfishness and injustice.

any global citizen who believes in justice has no moral choice other than to
side with you in your struggle,” he said.

behalf of everyone in this room, I ask you to convey to your people that we
rededicate ourselves to that struggle today. We are with you. We are doing everything
we can to stand up for you in the great forums of the world.”


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