We should all do it

ON page five today we carry articles and pictures of hope. Hope because they tell us that among us are people who still care very much about the environment. They care so much that they gave up their Saturday to clean up areas around Labasa Town in the North and also at Lami.

At the Lami event participants, and we through the articles and pictures, have been told that we can actually influence our circle of friends as our contribution to me thoughtful actions in regards to rubbish disposal which goes a long way in have a clean and healthy environment for us and those with whom we share Fiji and ultimately the world.

For that is the truth of the matter. No matter where you live, and more importantly how you live, what you do or don’t do will have an impact on the environment. This in turn can have desirable or unwanted consequences for those around us.

And this is true not only for the environment. However, for the moment, let us limit ourselves to the environment because as we have been informed through various media that our actions have greatly contributed to the phase of global warming we are experiencing.

Despite the inconsiderate actions of some, like as already been said, there is hope because we have people who care.

In addition to those who care and take the time to show it through actions, there are also among us those who can care enough to take meaningful action to lighten the load of rubbish that is often dumped on mother nature.

Some of these are those who simply do not know or fully understand that their actions actually do have consequences.

Some may already know this but do not care enough to give it serious thought. These are the ones which will require some serious work from all of us.

This may require that we enlarge our circle of friends to enable the environmental message to effectively reach more people.

For the message to be widely disseminated, it requires us to actually care, to actually live an environmentally-friendly life which we can all do if just give it a try.

Given that plastics have time and again been singled out as an environmental problem, maybe we should review our actions in regards to it.

Do we actually leave the house prepared for a bit of shopping? Or because of our not being prepared we ask the cahier at the supermarket for plastic bags?

All it requires is for someone in the family, the group or circle of friends to put a little more environmental thinking into their actions and encourage all those around him or her to do the same.

We should all do that because it is definitely something we can all do.

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