We can do it

“We’re here to win it. We haven’t come here to make up the numbers. We’ve come here believing that we can do the job.”

These were the words of Vodafone Fiji Bati coach Mick Potter before the Rugby League World Cup started.

Fiji’s progress to the RLWC semi-final has shocked rugby pundits, especially the incredible win against the Kiwis. Down and out towards the end of the match, Fiji’s players held strong and eliminated NZ from the tournament just a week after the Kiwis historic loss to Tonga.

The world saw jubilant and emotional scenes after Fiji’s win against NZ and one can imagine the scenes if our boys were to create an upset against the Kangaroos.

The Bati’s 58-12 win over USA, 72-6 demolishing of Wales and resounding 38-10 victory against Italy, have become the talk of the RLWC.

All three games made sure our boys netted a total of 32 tries. Watching the Bati play reminds fans about the brotherhood, proud culture, team spirit and harmony as our boys are prepared to do anything for each other.

With the style that Fiji played last week, our boys showed that we controlled the ball well, completed the sets well, and our defence has been the cornerstone so far.

Therefore, the Bati will need a good defensive structure against the Roos. Finally, if Fiji can upset Australia, it would no doubt be the most famous victory ever at any RLWC.

To the boys, play your hearts out and do your best! We will make a lot of noise here and pray that you come out victorious. Toso Bati!

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