We are currently losing this climate change battle: Thomson

Participants of the Global Employers Climate Action Forum pose for a group photo at the Holiday Inn in Suva. Picture: ATU RASEA

TRENDS such as ocean warming, ocean acidification and salinity levels, rising sea-levels, deoxygenating continue to worsen over the years.

United Nations Special Envoy for Oceans Ambassador Peter Thomson said this at the Global Employers Climate Action Forum which was held at Holiday Inn yesterday.

Ambassador Thomson said we are currently losing this climate change battle.

“Sadly the lesson from the Ocean now is a very different one it’s about the planet in deep trouble, we are losing this battle ,” Ambassador Thomson said.

He said initially the world was finally waking up to these realities.

“So this is the bad news the good news is that we are working up to it before we were sleep walking into it. lets face it I mean whoever thought out the idea of putting micro beads into cosmetics and toothpaste and things but did we question it not at all.” he said.

“Its just during our lifetimes, its basic bags which pollutes the world’s oceans now we were all part of it so we slept walk into it but the good news is we’ve woken up to the fact that this is wrong and we can’t continue as society is behaving in this way otherwise it’s a disaster it’s not sustainable.”

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