Waterways Ministry open doors to entities to improve systems

Waterways Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy inspects the drainage system at Soasoa, Labasa, during an earlier visit. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI/FILE

ENTITIES responsible for drainage systems and waterways have been advised to seek their assistance and advise when implementing their own drainage systems.
While inspecting a Fiji Sugar Corporation culvert in Soasoa outside Labasa Town recently, Minister for Waterways Doctor Mahendra Reddy said the system would contribute to flooding considering how it was made.
Dr Reddy said since the culvert was made of seven small culverts, it would block up easily and cause flooding.
“Debris and rubbish will block the culvert easily, pooling up water which can spill over to other homes and damage farms,” he said.
“We need to avoid this sort of workmanship and this is basic engineering, we need to do the right thing.
“My ministry has always opened its doors to work with these other entities to improve their waterway systems and we are ready to help them with our engineers for free.”

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