Watershed education to improve flood resilience

Waterways minister Dr. Mahendra Reddy with Government whip, Ashneel Sudhakar. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

A WATERSHED education curriculum which uses a holistic approach to teach the population a culture of manage water catchments is currently in development.

This is one of the ways the government is working in building flood reslience.

Minister for Waterways, Dr. Mahendra Reddy explained this in parliament today in a ministerial statement entitled, “Flooding, Catchment Management and Global Commitment.”

“Most of our rivers often flows peacefully, but during wet season it turns into a raging torrent that spares no one, it confronts the politicians, water experts and local residents often with major social and economic challenges,” Dr. Reddy said.

“We are working closely with the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts to develop curriculum that encompasses the holistic watershed education to be taught in year 10 -12 from next year.”

“Flood is one of the water related disaster that affects us more often here in Fiji. The frequency of these flood events seem to have increased in last decade. To mitigate the impacts of flood we have to understand the flood process and floodplain dynamics.”

The waterways minister, formely the Minister for Education said studies of past floods in Fiji showed the causes of flooding were varied but included human induced changes in water catchment.

This he said increased rainfall-runoff.

“Water management cannot be done in isolation therefore the Ministry of Waterways will work with other relevant agencies to achieve its mandate and increasing the adaptive capacity of our nations to floods,” Dr. Reddy said.

“The Ministry of Waterways has mapped out a plan to address this through an integrated approach.

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