Water woes

THE Commissioner Western’s office must be commended for helping cart water to villages and schools in the maritime areas that are facing the brunt of the continued dry spell.

This gesture by the esteemed office will ensure that schools in the Yasawas are not closed because of the lack of water supply.

The lack of water supply no doubt will have an adverse effect on the agricultural sector and this will put added pressure on the Agriculture Ministry in their bid to improve productivity and livelihoods dependent on agriculture.

This is an opportune time to join hands in supporting one another by sharing whatever little water we have and let’s pray and hope that the Almighty showers us with blessings in the form of rain and water.

While the population in the outer islands, West and the North are facing dry spells, here in the Central Division we must ensure that water — which is an important resource — must be used wisely. I hope that more aid will pour from companies, especially water bottling companies to ensure that people have a clean and safe drinking water in the wake of the impending water crisis in various parts of Fiji.

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